How I (Try to) Keep Up With Technology

This list is designed to accommodate for this- taking advantage of commutes, free time, time we oftentimes use as phone screen time, etc. The key is to incorporate modes of consuming information with your schedule.

There will be plenty of trial and error. The most important part to this process is to persevere, set goals, and don’t break them… I even have a way to keep yourself accountable of this too!

I wake up at about 6:00. And start consuming information right away.

I start with my favorite overall news podcasts as I get up, make breakfast and coffee, shower, etc. These include New York Times The Daily podcast and BBC’s Global News Podcast. While neither of these appear to be explicitly tech related, you would be surprised how often global news events can be tied to technology events and advancements…

I have a daily routine with small tasks that I complete every morning… no matter what.. before I go to work or start on work.

This isn’t yet another Medium article about how habits make productive people… but it also might kind of be one of those articles.

The key here is to pick articles that are no more than a 3 minute read. This will guarantee you actually can stuff this in every morning.

Start with identifying topics of interest in tech that you know are interesting to you. Below are examples of topics I have earmarked and have been included in my home screen over time.

Sample topics recommended for me on Medium.

I then make it a goal and rule to listen to at least one “hard” podcast on my commute. If I am driving, this might be several podcasts in a single day.

The key here is to make sure you don’t overdo it. Make it a goal to learn one new hard thing a day, at the very least. Then, give yourself a break. Listen to music. Or a fun audio book. Or read a novel. Or call a loved one. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

The key here is to pick a smattering of podcasts/ information sources that may be at your level of knowledge in tech, or might be a bit of a far reach. You have to start somewhere, and it’s better to start somewhere and struggle through concepts than spend a ton of time trying to figure out where the “best” starting place is.

Just dive in already. Get started. Stop scaring yourself.

I have a short list of podcasts that fall into this category. It will not surprise you that most of them are data science centered. As someone who is self taught in data science, I managed to get through these from zero to barely over +1 (where I assess I am at on a scale of 1–10).

Reset Podcast.

Then there are weekly goals…

Last but not least, if you have any steam left… there are weekly goals I have set for myself.


Now. Stop reading and get going. The only person standing in your own way is you.

The amount of information will still feel overwhelming, but at least now you have a head start!



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