• Wajeeh Ul Hassan

    Wajeeh Ul Hassan

    Data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, block chain, computer science former full stack java developer, & other tech

  • Ertugrul Bayindir

    Ertugrul Bayindir

  • Anno.Ai


    Operationalizing applied machine learning for the mission.

  • H Lydia Alili

    H Lydia Alili

  • Baira Salem

    Baira Salem

    I'm a young mauritanian tech maniac convinced that through science and technology we can transform our countries for the better. I’m starting with education !

  • Mücahit Kantepe

    Mücahit Kantepe

    Scala&Akka Enthusiast

  • Joe Farri

    Joe Farri

    Systems Engineer @VMware

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